Chairman's Message

“Dear parents,
Warm greetings to you!!

I have great pleasure in introducing you to our HM SCHOOL OF BUSINESS MANAGEMENT, Bhubaneswar. The school reflects our vision to become a centre of excellence comparable to the best in the world for producing professionals with leadership quality in technology, innovation entrepreneurship and management.

For realizing the vision, we stand committed to provide outstanding guidance, sovereignty, faculty, physical infrastructure and alliances with leading MBA College in the world. The term “Education” encompasses more than just knowledge and knowing. It is harmonious blend of academia, art, sports, emotions, attitudes, creativity, nature and life itself and in the world we have built today, the one who is adept in all these areas is the one who succeeds. Through this we ensure that our students excel not only with in education system but in the real world as well, allowing our students to ‘Arise, Awake and Ascend’.

I invite you to experience a different MBA college environment and help us make a different to our society.

Mr. Farnadish Mishra
HM School Management of Business Management

, HM School of Business Management, Bhubaneswar
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